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Lyrical Extasis

A Spanish/English Lyrics Translation Community
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Welcome to Lyrical Extasis, my Spanish/English Lyrics Translation Journal.

A bit about your Mod:

♥I am a New York born Puerto Rican, and therefore a native Spanish speaker.
♥Spanish was my first language.
♥I am a Spanish Linguistics Major
♥I am throughly in love with the Art of Translation.

I started this site because I like to understand the lyrics to the songs I listen, regardless of what language they may be in. I happen to listen to a great deal of Japanese music, and since I have no knowledge of Japanese, I must rely on the translations of others to understand the lyrics of my favorite Japanese musicians. However, over the years I have found that many of these lyrics were badly translated, often through use of an internet translator (curse them!), or were generally what I call: "transliterated".

What do I mean by "transliteration," you might ask? Transliteration is when the lyrics are translated, whether by a person or a machine, literally word for word without any focus on the context, resulting in: lyrics that are incomprehensible, cryptic, and generally mistranslated. With these terribly transliterated lyrics I often found myself having as hard a time deciphering the translations as I did the raw lyrics. As a linguist, that is highly disappointing, not to mention unacceptable.

My goal is to bring you lyrics that are correctly translated, easy to decipher, and in your own language. Meaning it will be in everyday spoken English, instead of the cryptic unreadable English most lyrics are translated into. Feel free to request, I will gladly translate songs for you.


1) Do not bother coming here to flame or troll.
2) DO NOT STEAL MY TRANSLATIONS! I will hunt you down and beat you dead with a Spanish/English Dictionary if you do.
3) Request any songs if you like, just leave a comment with the title and and artist.
4) You may request a song to be uploaded by going to a_gift_of_song, but follow the rules.

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