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Lyrical Extasis
Trio Los Panchos: En mi Viejo San Juan -- In My Old San Juan 
13th-May-2009 07:17 pm
u touched my heart
Lovely old folk song from Puerto Rico; an ode to the island its capital from the point of view of one who had to leave and could never return.

En mi Viejo San Juan -- Trio Los Panchos
In My Old San Juan
Translated by: minumi_hime

En mi viejo San Juan
Cuantos sueños forjé
En mis noches de infancia
Mi primera ilusión
Y mis quitas de amor
Son recuerdos del alma

In my Old San Juan
I forged so many dreams
In the nights of my infancy
My first hopes
And my romances
Are memories of my soul

Una tarde me fui
A esa extraña nación
Pues lo quiso el destino
Pero mi corazón
Se quedó frente al mar
En mi viejo San Juan

One afternoon I left
To that foreign country
As that was how destiny wanted it
But my heart
stayed in front of the sea
In my Old San Juan

Adiós (adiós, adiós)
Borinquen querida
(Dueña de mi amor)
Adiós (adiós, adiós)
Mi diosa del mar
(Mi reina del palmar)
Me voy (ya me voy)
Pero un día volveré
A buscar mi querer
A soñar otra vez
En mi viejo San Juan

Farewell (farewell, farewell)
Precious Borinquen
(Owner of my love)
Farewell (farewell, farewell)
My goddess of the sea
(My queen of the palms)
I leave (now I leave)
But one day I shall return
To seek my love
To dream once again
In my Old San Juan

Pero el tiempo pasó
Y el destino burló
Mi terrible nostalgia
Y no pude volver
Al San Juan que yo amé
Pedacito de patria

But time passed by
And destiny mocked
My awful nostalgia
And I could not return
To the San Juan that I loved
(My) little piece of homeland

Mi cabello blanqueo
Ya mi vida se va
Ya la muerte me llame
Y no quiero morir
Alejado de tí
Puerto Rico del alma, adiós

My hair became white
Now life is leaving me
Now death calls me
And I don't want to die
So far away from you
Puerto Rico of my soul, farewell
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